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Student Parking Information

Parking Pass Information: 2022-2023
Parking Passes are $10
Students must have the following in order to receive a parking pass: 
1. Signed application
2. Copy of driver's license (school will keep)
3. Copy of car insurance (school will keep)
Parking passes will be sold at the Senior Sunrise, from 5:30  a.m. to 7:30 a.m.
After that, parking pass applications and other required documents/ fees need to be turned into the Fueling Station in the cafeteria.
** Passes will be sold by grades, giving first priority to seniors. Students will need to bring proof of (or show on their phone) grade classification status (not student age). Example: profile page in Skyward that shows student's grade, last year's school ID that shows grade, etc. All names on proof document, license, and application must match.
August 8-12 Senior week to purchase passes
August 15-19 Junior week
August 22-26 Sophomore week
Click the link below for a parking pass application.