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Attendance Policies


Rockvale High School will be using the following procedures to address truancy and chronic absenteeism. Failure to comply with the tiers listed below will result in the filing of a petition and/or criminal summons in the local court with jurisdiction.


If you have questions about our chronic absenteeism or progressive truancy intervention procedures, please contact Ms. West at 615-848-6500 ext. 32262, [email protected]


Please click the link below to review the policy: 

Check-out procedures:

There are 2 ways a student can be checked out/dismissed early from school:
  • Bring a note signed only by a parent/legal guardian first thing in the morning to the front office which will be verified with a phone call; they will be given a GREEN, early dismissal slip which they will show to their teacher at their dismissal time. The student will then come to the front office to sign-out, then exit the building.
  • Secondly, if a student fails to bring a signed early dismissal note, then a parent/legal guardian/emergency contact MUST come into the school and check them out with a photo ID. We DO NOT accept faxes, emails, texts, or phone calls for early dismissal.
There are NO EXCEPTIONS unless approved by administration.

The front office staff will not accept ANY items being dropped off to a student. Should your student need something dropped off, the front office staff will contact the student to come to the front lobby, while the person dropping off the item waits in the lobby. No outside food or drink from a restaurant is allowed.