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Laptop Protection Plan

RCS Laptop Protection Plan FAQ Reference: Rutherford County Schools Protection Plan 2022


How can students pay for the laptop protection plan?

· The Central Office Accounting Department will attach the laptop protection plan to all students in School Cash Online. The plan will be open until Friday, September 30. Users will be charged $20.00 if they choose to pay in School Cash Online. We strongly encourage the use of School Cash Online.

· Parents may register their student for School Cash Online by following the directions included at this link You must have the student ID number to register.

Will students who qualify for free and reduced lunch have the option of taking advantage of the plan?

· Yes, all students are encouraged to take advantage of the protection plan. All students will be held responsible for the cost of replacing damaged or stolen laptops, regardless of lunch status.

What if a student wants to take advantage of the plan later in the year?

· The school technician can inspect the laptop to ensure that it has not been damaged and is in good working condition.

If a parent pays the $20 and nothing happens to their child's laptop, do they get the $20 back at the end of the year?

· No

If a parent pays the $20 and nothing happens to their child's laptop, does the $20 rollover to the next year?

· No

Is the protection plan required or optional?

· It is not required.

Do we have to have an opt-out form to show whether the student does/does not want the insurance?

· There is not an opt out form.


Rockvale High School is now only accepting payment for new students to the school.  The deadline has passes for all other students to purchase a laptop. Plans can be purchased in the library with cash or check only. Plans are $20.