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Distance Learning » Distance Learning Expectations

Distance Learning Expectations

Distance Learner Expectations


-            Students will use their school email professionally to talk with their teachers about class.

-            Students much check school email DAILY by going to RVHS homepage. Then, click employee email at the top of the page.


-            Per class period, live Zoom or Teams meetings are required by all students. Students will be counted absent for not attending.

-            Students will login to Clever daily through our school website to access their platforms.

-            Students should not be working a job during school hours. Their work schedule will not excuse them from these school expectations.  


-            Students are expected to meet all assignment deadlines on that teacher’s preferred platform.

-            Late work should be submitted to the platform.

-            Please make sure you notify your teacher if you turn in an assignment late. Follow the teacher’s late work turn-in policy.

-            All assignments should be original work done by that student. Make sure you are not plagiarizing work from the internet or other students. If you are plagiarizing or cheating, you will have to redo the assignment and/or receive a zero on that it.

-            Skyward must be checked daily.

*If students are failing 2 or more classes at progress reports, they will be asked to enroll traditionally.


-            Students will get instruction via: videos, voice guided ppt., Live sessions, handouts, pdf, etc.

-            Students must attend and participate in all Live sessions offered by their teachers and watch any instructional videos posted by their teachers.

-            You must engage appropriately on the Live Zoom/Teams meetings. Use the chat professionally to ask questions and participate with the lesson.

-            Any inappropriate language in the live session will be handled by administration.

Technology Help

-            Email instructional technology coach, Stephanie Elliott,                             


 Distance Learning Expectations


School: Rockvale High School

Distance Learning Point Person: Monica West, AP

Instruction (Platforms, Delivery model Asynchronous, Synchronous)

Teachers will always put their weekly directions on Kiddom. However, their directions may lead students to other approved platforms. Teachers can use different platforms in their classes to support their curriculum. Platforms may include: Kiddom, Teams, Schoology, Edmodo, Delta Math, Textbook platforms, Zoom, Math apps, etc. Teachers will be utililzing some asynchronous or synchronous learning via Zoom or recorded sessions. In school, we are piloting this by having one teacher from each department be trained in this method. Then, the teacher will report back to their PLC and help them start this method of instrucution for both distance and traditional learners. Teachers will continue to be consistent with their platforms and ways to communicate. For example, posting on Teams, emailing through Skyward, etc. School-wide teacher expectations are to come.


Student Engagement (in-person sessions, number of days, amount of time required per week) Assignments (submission, missing work, grades, feedback, etc)

 School is on A(even)/B(odd) block days. So, students should be doing four classes daily. DL students must login to Clever daily through our school's homepage. That is the platform that will be checked weekly for attendance. Each day, DL students will attend all Live Zoom sessions offered by their teachers. If a student is struggling with instructional content, missing assignments, or platform issues, they will attend 1 office hour per week for those particular teachers. Students must have weekly assignments turned in to the platform by Sunday. Lastly, all traditional and distance learners will need to check their school email daily. This is their new professional email while being a student here and should be the only email students use when emailing teachers. When using this email, use proper email etiquette without emotion. See email example online.

Assignments (submission, missing work, grades, feedback, etc)

Submission of assignments will be turned in on each teacher's designated platforms. As a last resort, students can email the teacher with a picture or PDF of the completed assignment. For assignments turned in late by DL's, they will email the assignment to their teacher with the subject line "late assignment," so teachers will have documentation of this. The teacher may also have additional requirements for late assignments. Again, students must be responsible for checking Skyward grades daily, viewing missing assignments, and completing that work. Students must also check Skyward daily. Teachers will be updating grades weekly with at least one new assignment per week. Students will be given feedback on assignments. Teachers will have a week at the most to report feedback on assignments for students. If a student needs clarification sooner, they will email the teacher directly with their question or request. If they have urgent needs, they will need to attend a teacher's designated office hour via Zoom.

Communication (student, parent)

All students must only use their school email to contact all RCS teachers or staff. Students can find an example of appropriate email etiquette to a teacher online under distance learning. All emails to teacher must be: professional, courteous, have a subject line, and be brief yet specific about the issue. It is preffered that students reach out to their teachers to initate help before parents contact the teacher. The issue must be kept focused on the assignment, class, or students' needs. Any appropriate or blatantly disrespectful emails will be forwarded to administration. Teachers will have 48 hours to respond to all emails during the school week only. On weekends and holidays, it is at the teachers' discretion whether to respond to a school email or not.